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If you’re looking for the #1 Taekwondo lessons in Castle Rock, Centennial and Aurora, you’ve come to the right place!

Parents all over the Castle Rock, Centennial and Aurora area (and Castle Rock, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Castle Pines areas too!) are singing the praises of our kids Taekwondo lessons ! Not only are their children learning to defend themselves, but they are quickly becoming more confident, more focused, and learning to set inspiring goals!

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look at what patents and students are saying about martial arts

astericks“We’re so happy we put our son in this school. Not only has he become more athletic, but confident. He came out of his little shell. The instructors are just awesome. They are so so patient, and kind, they make sure their students don’t ever feel left out or overwhelmed. They truly care, Han Lee truly cares. He helped us enforce a huge life lesson w our son. He has a huge heart and his school reflects that”

astericks“My daughter has been taking Taekwondo for a year and a half at Han Lee’s Taekwondo Academy and the experience has been phenomenal. She has made tremendous improvement in her coordination and balance. She takes great pride in the skills she has been taught as well as the discipline she has learned. The instructors in the class are all well qualified black belts who constantly show a strong positive attitude. They teach respect and discipline as well as a healthy lifestyle in every class and hold each student to high standards. At the same time, they are considerate of the needs of each student and go out of their way to meet each student at the appropriate level. The cost is comparable to any other extra-curricular sport program. There are multiple classes for each belt level almost every day, and students are welcome (and encouraged) to attend as often as they want. What other sports program can offer classes 6 days a week? Han Lee’s Taekwondo Academy has far exceeded our expectations. Our daughter is in love with it and the results have been wonderful. We recommend it to anyone.”

astericks“We first introduced our 9 year daughter and our 6 year old son to HLTA in Castle Rock about a year and half ago through Master Waite (who is wonderful!), and since then it has been the BEST thing we have ever done!!!! We wanted our children to feel a sense of achievement working towards getting their Black Belt and in the process be involved with other kids, exercise, learn about leadership, be in involved with community activities, and understand the importance of training and listening to the instructors. We were so impressed how this was going that both my husband and I have now entered around the same time into the Black Belt program. We’re VERY proud to say that our kids love Taekwondo and what Grand Master Lee has taught them, he is amazing!!!””

astericks“Best decision ever! More than just another sport, it’s a higher standard of living that is supported by peers and parents alike. It is a community of positive encouragement and high expectations led by a true Olympian and caring father.”