Good News!

Congratulations!  To all students who tested over the weekend and earned their new belt ranks, CONGRATULATIONS to you!  Very well done!

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday TODAY to Ms. Bella S. on 11/8!

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday tomorrow to Jay O. on 11/9!

Happy Birthday!! Happy Birthday to Marseille B. on 11/10!

Veterans Day!  11/11.  To all who served, THANK YOU!!




·       I have attached class schedules for Aurora and Castle Rock.  I apologize, I believe the IL Dan times have changed but I don’t have a copy of the updated schedule yet.  Thank you.



Upcoming dates and events.  Mark your calendars!

·       12/11 Color Belt Testing. Castle Rock.

Color Belts:

·       Keep up the great work!


·       I have attached some forms that can be filled out for your student to earn their attitude stripes!  Feel free to download and print.  Students are encouraged to earn their brown attitude stripes in between belt tests!



 Volunteer opportunity for any ChoDanBos or anyone else wanting volunteer hours:

·       DCSAR (Douglas County Search and Rescue) K9 team.  We meet every Wednesday

303-419-3406 or StLawrenceBuilders@gmail.com


Sparring and Demo Teams:

Sparring Team

Will be held with Mr. Trent at the following times: 

Tuesday / Thursday 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

Demo Team


ZOOM Classes:

·       Camera should be turned on for participation, please!!

·       Zoom meeting ID is 6636063492

·       Password: pilseung

·       Classes follow Castle Rock schedule in real-time.


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COVID Health and Safety:


Centennial follows Cherry Creek school weather advisory and closures.  If CCSD is closed due to inclement weather, so is HLTA.

Castle Rock follows Douglas County school weather advisory and closures.  If DCSD is closed due to inclement weather, so is HLTA.


Questions? Comments? Have news to share?

I can help with general questions.  Otherwise, I can forward any communication or provide the appropriate contact information.  Also, I have a lot of people subscribed to this newsletter (thank you!), but I am missing several student birthdays.  If you would like me to recognize a birthday, I am happy to add that detail if you let me know.


 Thank You!

Jenn Sack

Newsletter Volunteer

1st Degree Black Belt, Centennial